About Me

Hi, I'm Artem Tabalin. I’m a front-end and back-end web developer.

I like JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 and all modern web-related sweets. I've designed and built plenty of enterprise webapps. Now I'm obsessed with new front-end stuff provided by HTML5/CSS3 standards and lots of awesome JS libs and frameworks.

Currently I'm working at Criteo doing both front-end and back-end stuff. Before joining Criteo I worked at DevExpress creating DevExtreme. DevExtreme is a cross-platform HTML5/JS framework. We started it as a HTML5/JS mobile framework. We've been working hard to make HTML5 apps built with DevExtreme Mobile look and feel as native on mobile. Then we released DevExtreme Web to build also awesome web apps.

I have a passion for learning new technologies and skills. I like reading, especially about self-improvement and self-efficiency. Also I like traveling, swimming, singing, and drinking beer with my teammates.