Perfect Code

Learn how to write better code. Follow key software development principles like KISS, DRY, YAGNI, and SOLID. Know how to choose better names, structure your code, write methods, and design classes.


How to improve your code quality? The answer is continuous refactoring. Learn more about refactoring. Know the most frequent code smells (antipatterns), telling when to refactor. Go through the catalog of well-known refactorings, telling how to improve your code.

Software Patterns

To create better software we should be aware of existing well-proven software design solutions. Learn more about software patterns. The slides cover GRASP, architectural patterns, enterprise application patterns and GoF design patterns.

eXtreme Programming

How to succeed in software development. Following agile methodology principles helps to achieve much better results. Know more about eXtreme Programming, one of the famous agile software development methodology.

Perfect CSS/LESS

Learn how to write better CSS/LESS. Know about existing styling methodologies: OOCSS, ACSS, BEM, SMACSS. Find guidelines helping to make your styles reusable, modular, consistent, and compact.